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Second Half – 7/14/11

It’s tough when the All-Star break arrives, only because a few days feels like a few months.  However, baseball season is back and most fans are glad the break is over.  The All-Star Game was a sub-par event this year because of the ineligible pitchers and because of the players who elected not to attend.  I don’t expect the All-Star Games to be like the 1971 All-Star Games…but this one was just bad.  No disrespect to either Tyler Clippard or C.J. Wilson, but ten years from now when we look back on it and see Clippard got the W and Wilson got the L, we’re going to have to remind ourselves who they are.


I wouldn’t be surprised if MLB changes the All-Star Games to Wednesday that way there aren’t ineligible pitchers.  When you think about the AL having Felix Hernandez, James Shields, Jon Lester, C.C. Sabathia and Justin Verlander all ineligible…you understand why the event was so bland this year.